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Milk Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt


Milk chocolate with caramel pieces (12%) and sea salt (0.1%) - 40g. Ingredients - Sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, cocoa mass, glucose syrup,butteroil (milk), emulsifier [soya lecithin], salt, natural flavorings. Milk chocolate: cocoa solids minimum 31% - milk solids minimum 18%. Nutritional data for 100g Energy (kcal)                527kcalFat           ...

Milk Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt – Organic


Cachet Organic milk chocolate (40% cocoa solids) with caramel pieces10% and sea salt 0,3%. Made with cocoa beans sourced from Tanzania, Rainforest Alliance Certified.  Ingredients - Cane sugar*, cocoa butter**, whole milk powder*, cocoa mass**, caramel pieces* 10% (sugar*, glucose syrup*), natural Bourbon vanilla flavoring*, emulsifier (soya lecithin) *, natural flavoring, salt 0,3%).  *Organically grown ingredient **Rainforest Alliance Certified. For more...

Extra dark chocolate (cocoa nibs 70% cacao)


Taste a burst of unadulterated chocolate bliss. Biting into the caramelized cocoa nibs surrounded by the 70% dark chocolate is the quintessential of chocolate euphoria. Ingredients - Cocoa mass, sugar, caramelized cocoa nibs 12% (cocoa nibs, sugar), cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin). Extra dark chocolate: cocoa solids minimum 70%. Nutritional data for 100g  Energy (kcal)             ...

Dark chocolate (
54% cacao)


Ingredients - Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier [soya lecithin]. Dark chocolate: cocoa solids minimum 54%. Nutritional data for 100g  Energy (kcal)              521kcal Fat                                32g Saturated fatty acids  19g Carbohydrate              46g Sugars           ...

Milk Chocolate - 300g


Enjoy this deliciously smooth and mellow chocolate and discover the exclusiveness of Cachet. Have a piece of this delight and let it melt in your mouth or use all your imagination for an incredible chocolate creation. Cachet milk chocolate is not only a delicious treat for you but is also ideal for cooking or baking, and even drinking. Cachet -...

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